An Update

It has been almost a month since my last post. Here is what I have learned so far, listening to e-books at work has been working wonderfully! I have listened to approximately 12 nonfiction books this past month while at work and have several more research material books lined up. I have been listening to so many books and doing so much research that I have needed time to process all this information!


Dictating new material while driving back and forth from work did not work for me. I had to transfer of the material to my computer and then re-edit it. It was just as easy to dictate a post from scratch and just as time effective. In fact, I have spent several hours simply turning e-books into audio files! I never realized how much time that took. It takes about one half hour to turn a 500 page book into audio files.


Dictating posts has become quite natural and easy as long as it consists of my original material. Translation work has definitely taken a hit because I haven’t had the time to spend on it.


When you consider that I’m listening to research material seven hours a day during the week and writing posts at night when I get home you can see how powerful these new processes are! Yet this raw information needs to be processed. In addition I’ve been reading books to supplement those that I have been listening to. The end result is a massive assault on a new writing project.


Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the few times I have not listened to books at work I have been extremely bored! This is definitely a permanent change in my worklife! I also find myself much more satisfied and able to relax more at home in the evening than ever before. I feel like I have accomplished something during the day! I also feel that it’s okay to take a break once in a while.

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